What does storytelling offer school children in India?


So what does storytelling offer school children in India? It is evident every child has interest in listening to stories, which reminds of our grandma bedtime stories even today. Stories create magic, as there is a sense of wonder which the school children perceive this world. Stories teach us about life, our civilisation, the history, about ourselves and about friends. Storytelling is an art, unique way for school children in India to develop deeper understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures too. Thus, storytelling offers school children in India to promote and adopt a positive attitude towards people from different countries, races and religions.

What is the connection of storytelling and intercultural understanding?

There are a number of ways in which storytelling school children in India can be enhanced. One of the best methods in through storytelling is linking the intercultural understanding and communication. Storytelling offers benefits to school children in India the following-

  • allow Indian school children to explore their own cultural roots through storytelling
  • allow Indian school children to experience diverse cultures
  • enable Indian school children to empathise with unfamiliar people/places/situations
  • offer insights into diverse global traditions and values through storytelling
  • help Indian school children understand how wisdom is common to all peoples/all cultures
  • offer insights into universal life experiences through storytelling to Indian school children
  • help Indian school children consider new ideas
  • reveal differences and commonalties of cultures around the world
  • Other benefits of using storytelling in Indian school classroom

Storytelling guide in Indian school children promotes…

The language Indian school children learn in the classroom is a tool now recognised by CBSE and the manner in which it is spoken helps to use to shape the child’s thought process and feelings. This is a more effective way of exchanging information and extending ideas. It implies that Indian school children signing up for storytelling course in 2021, means they are reaching out and connecting with new methods of learning and applied from of teaching. Stories can link not only between the child’s world of classroom and home environment but also between the Indian school classroom and beyond.

– @UniversityofSt3