Weekend workshops on storytelling in India


Why waste weekdays when you can learn weekend workshops on storytelling in India. Welcome to weekend storytelling workshops for CBSE school students, weekend storytelling workshops for CICSE school students in India. For those who are wondering what is storytelling, and why should I enrol in weekend storytelling classes, read on to know more.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of expression, or storytelling is a skill, which makes you an expert in self expression, thinking differently, perform impromptu acts in social circle, making you the star in your friend circle. Storytellers are experts in teaching techniques that alters your approach to learning, breaks school children thought process, offers contrarian view widening your ability to solve problems in school life.

How will you learn storytelling?

It is a skill that is acquired, so you need to enrol in best weekend storytelling classes and attend weekend storytelling classes regularly. Due to COVID19 pandemic, schools are closed and hence the online storytelling classes are available in 2021 for your convenience. How will you learn storytelling, will only happen when you practice taught methods of storytelling at home. So weekend workshops on storytelling in India is important for managing your school time and storytelling time. 


What will storytelling teach you?

So if you are thinking, what will storytelling teach you? Here are some pointers for storytelling benefits.

  • Each school children will develop their own style
  • Each child will develop the tone of writer’s voice
  • Storytelling helps your child using out-of-the-box thinking
  • Inculcate storytelling skills for artistic expression
  • storytelling helps to do problem solving and express thoughts
  • storytelling helps to develop a critical appreciation for issues in life

When to learn storytelling?

If you are child in the age group of 11-13 years you have achieved the ability to write and read easily.  Before entering your adolescent stage of your life, you start learning storytelling, enrol in best storytelling classes and attend the storytelling classes from masterstorytellers in India. This input helps to overcome transition of bodily, psychological changes within child. Therefore, storytelling is perfect for age group of 11-13 years.

Applied storytelling!

Welcome to applied storytelling, yes, learn problem solving skills for school children. We at UOS University of Stories, offer storytelling course for problem solving. This is an unique approach, that has practical benefits in life. So, start learning storytelling, enrol in best storytelling classes and attend the storytelling classes with our weekend workshops on storytelling in India.



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