Storytelling onlineclasses for Indian schoolchildren in 2021


All parents want their child to be exceptional. Presenting storytelling onlineclasses for Indian schoolchildren. In 2021, it is the flavour of the season, with CBSE board endorsing storytelling for India school teachers being mandatory. There are free lessons on storytelling in order to become masterstorytellers. Let me ask you some simple questions!

Does your school going child show creative instances in public speaking, does impromptu acts, or tells you at least what happened in school everyday? If it is a partial yes, from a reluctant Indian parent, you are in. Welcome to the club of storytellers, including yourself, oh yes. You must have vivid or faint memories of your grand mom or grand dad reading stories at bedside at night. If you were a naughty kid you had plenty of storytelling during eating sessions. Get ready mentally! Presenting Storytelling onlineclasses for Indian schoolchildren in 2021.

Therefore, storytelling is self expressive learning interventions, it is an art based skill, that brings out the best in Indian school children. Be it writing school essay, or composition writing, elocution speech, memorising poems, or taking part in small plays or skits, storytelling is needed as it helps in different methods of manifestations to express one’s thoughts.

Have you ever heard children learning to do problem solving through storytelling?  Well yes, carefully crafted storytelling course designed by Education Psychologists, we at UOS masterstorytellers for school children realise their value and potential this course has got. Our storytelling classes for school children consists of–

  • Help to develop their own style and tone of writer’s voice that is compelling, perspective
  • Helps your child to do out-of-the-box thinking
  • Inculcate skills for artistic expression
  • Helps to organise and express thoughts
  • Helps to develop a critical appreciation for different views of society

Storytelling onlineclasses for Indian schoolchildren is designed for school kids of 11-13 years, who are young learners in school going towards teenage adolescent period. Storytelling near home helps and enable the school children to gain confidence, start writing stories, read and understand poems, develop a habit to write daily blogs and complete school creative projects with individual ideas. The problem solving for school kids is a programme includes regular feedback, record, observe, rewind and one to one guidance by our masterstorytellers in India. Indian school students willing to learn storytelling, who are in age group of 11-13years, is getting to learn online storytelling at home. Yes we offer weekend classes on storeytelling too.

As a Indian parent, you may not get time to devote to your child everyday. Signing up for storytelling classes, ensures you fill that gap of your parental commitment. It is also a perfect time to enter a skill based platform that develops your child’s personality, self expression, creativity, thinking into a different league. Our weekend online classes on storytelling exposes your child to interact with masterstorytellers in India online. It is brilliant chance to interact on a range of discussions coupled with storytelling activities helping them to reach their full potential before adolescence sets in. Book a seat and secure the future of your child. Make your school going kid a masterstoryteller. Infact, Storytelling onlineclasses for Indian schoolchildren in 2021 is an investment for your child, as you open up a box of skills helping to pickup the essential skill for child’s future.



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– @UniversityofSt3