Types of stories for school kids


Stories for kids require a plot, that is engaging, blended with storytelling skills. Though there are different types of stories for school children, with technology now there are online long stories, or short stories for kids. However, the best stories for kids are those with morals, as it helps to build character in kids. As stated earlier, rather than reading a storybook, parents can now use audio stories for kids. So there are different story genres like fairytale stories, original stories, history as story, myths, poems, music, and audiobooks.

Infact, it is an undeniable fact, that storytelling benefits kids of all ages, as our civilisation thousands of years ago used to listen and learning technique. So, you can expect to – instil virtues in your little one, boosts their listening skills, fosters their imagination, increases their cultural understanding, enhances their communication skills, sharpen child memory, makes learning easier, improves child social skills. You must be aware in your childhood to have read these famous stories – The Tortoise and the Hare, Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and the Pea, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Tell‑Tale Heart while we in India have our Panchatantra 40 moral stories, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Now a days, the world of storytelling has exploded with more children book, ebooks, kindle edition of children books, audio stories in websites that eliminates the act of reading and storytelling with children. Some of the moral stories your grandma must have read to you-  The boy who cried wolf, The Midas touch, The golden egg, The miser and his gold , The tortoise and the bird. These are some of the types of stories for school kids.

Education Psychologists recommend to use images for storytelling for kids. WHY? It helps them to weave words and pictures together in their cognitive skills. Images shown during storytelling helps to engage child better, helping child to relate to the plot of the story. Then there is innovative storytelling at home where you can use these at your home- Soft toys, Farm/zoo animals, Little people/Lego figures, all boxes, Sticks/grass/hay/wood cookies, Finger and hand puppets, Visual aids, cards, calendar pictures,  coasters, Textured material, Mats, cloths, placemats to add fun and engagement, stimulating the children imagination and interest level in children while making sure the story with actions is meaningful and also fun to listen to! Types of stories for school kids therefore evolve with time, but you need to find out best stories for kids. You can book UOS Online storytelling classes in India. Watch the storytelling video what is storytelling! Learn storytelling with online courses NOW!