Storytelling for 11-13year old Indian school children


Does age group matter in storytelling? Oh yes! Storytelling for 11-13year old in Indian school children is a lot different from that of 8-10year old storytelling sessions or storytelling for 18-21year old students. The difference is in the approach of storytelling, technique of storytelling and content of storytelling that applies to all age groups.

Master storytellers from UOS

Master storytellers from UOS have crafted the storytelling sessions for 11-13year old especially for the Indian school children, as each student is at the threshold of entering teenage stage of life. Teenage signifies profound psychological changes, physiological changes in these Indian children. Storytelling for 11-13year old in Indian school children by their parents at home should start early. It is a good way to bond, be it child-mother bonding, or child-father bonding. However, fast pace of lifestyle is keeping parenting skills on the backburner, as double income couples hardly finding quality time to spend with their children all day or even at least once.

How many times you read stories to your children at night?

Ask yourself a question! How many times you have tried to explain how a kite flies, or teach lifeskills to your son or daughter. Lets step down a bit. How many times you read stories to your children at night? Some of you may argue, oh children know to read and write, they will manage, but you missed the brownie points on parenting skills. One of the easiest way to bond is not to create distance as your child grows up. Listen to their school stories, ask them everyday. This is step one of finding quality time to spend with their children. Secondly show interest what your child has learnt new. It proves your parental duty and involvment in parenting skills, testifying school quality, teachers capability in imparting education.

Where does storytelling fit in our busy lifestyle?

In any given day, when you are back from workplace, take time to visit your child’s room, sit and talk with your child, check their tasks, ask if your child require help in English or Science. The next level conversion with your kid is to take conversion beyond the contextual subject and show nature, universal things, and our life around it. Yes, this is storytelling! While you can also do the same thing with professional storytellers for your children. How about master storytellers who offer storytelling for problem solving for your school kid? Isnt that fanstastic? It teaches lifeskills to eliminate problems in school life. So enrol now in storytelling course, as seats are limited, visit the website, know about the master storytellers, view storytelling course for 11-13year old in Indian school children. Remember with this decision, you just scored a brownie point on parenting skills in India.

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