Online storytelling classes in weekends for school children


Online storytelling classes for school children are quite popular in recent years in India, and more so when CBSE board has directed CBSE school teachers to adopt storytelling as a part of school pedagogy. How does storytelling in teaching help the Indian school children in 2021? Well every child had listened to stories when they were a kid from their parents, grandparents as bedtime stories. This has happened over the years and stories etched in our mind till now. No wonder storytelling is an art, and stories make a deeper impact than that of classroom teaching in CBSE schools.

The manner in which the stories are told, has become folklore since the civilisation began, when there were no printable books. Hence, the journey of storytelling has not died, but still is alive in our heart and mind. Storytelling practice in schools help the children to develop a deeper connect to the plot, and also prepares them to accept characters of story, accept wider cultures, religion, races.

So what are the best online storytelling classes in weekends for school children? Parents of Indian school children always seek the best course for their children. Storytelling for Indian school children allows to explore their own roots, family and society understanding through storytelling. Storytelling for Indian school children is due to the technique for learning the universal life experiences. Therefore school teachers in India, are now using storytelling in Indian school classroom to offer the best of knowledge following the applied education practices.

What does online storytelling classes in weekends for school children entail? Storytelling is technical and methodical, as it encourages active participation, which blends child imagination to work. Over a period of time, storytelling exposes the Indian school children to acquire listening skills, cooperation in school classmates, improve verbal proficiency, and encourage imagination.

So you know now, storytelling is not just vocabulary, but on the contrary storytelling skill helps in building effective or better educational outcomes. Surely you don’t want your child in school to come out with the class 10 certificate but want tangible skills that makes your child to grow. But you want to know how to tell a story effectively and its for your kid isnt it? Professional storytellers like UOS University of Stories in India, helps to do exactly that what you want. Their proven storytelling classes for Indian school children helps them to progress in learning storytelling step by step. The storytelling technique for Indian school children taught by master storytellers of UOS University of Stories includes – telling, deepening, creatives, storywriting, creating; each of which are distinct storytelling skill building process.

Connect with storytelling experts to enquire about their online storytelling classes in weekends for school children. Keep your child free in weekends, to unlearn rote learning and acquire new skill of storytelling now. While storytelling practice in schools is gaining popularity in Indian school children in 2021, especially storytelling in teaching, no wonder storytelling for Indian school children is here to stay, as the impact on the child to learn a new thing is deep.


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– @UniversityofSt3