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“Those who tell the stories rule the world.” Hopi American Indian proverb.

Finally, we all settle for a good story, isn’t it? Right from our elocution tests to essay writing at school, our imagination is desperate for winning stories, always. It is not just a good read or a sleep-inducer, story is the narration of experiences, moments and of life in totality. Your story will be different, so will be mine. Not because we are known by different names, but we see things differently, our imaginations are unique and so are our expressions.

Cut to your next big leap, from university story to career story. Is your story a head-turner for the head-hunters? What is your storyline? You are the hero of your story, but what’s your journey? How is a hero born and remembered?

Stories are everywhere. That’s what we consume every day and every minute through news, social media story, digital media story, mobile media story, and the list is endless.

In today’s world, our identities are created by our individual storytelling styles. Either we are #trending or we are attending. Either we are an influencer or happy being influenced.

Answers lie in the secrets of Storytelling.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou.

Welcome to University of Stories.
It’s our conscious endeavour to empower you to recreate the magic of storytelling, right from your  school classroom storytelling to the boardroom storytelling. Having more than forty years of cumulative work experience of storytelling in media, advertising storytelling, corporate communication, brand promotion and experiential marketing, Anjali and Amit will mentor you in learning, honing, and mastering the art of Applied Storytelling. The experienced duo will also hand hold you in triumphing the art of story-writing and stories for pitch presentation.
Through specially curated course modules, both in group storytelling and one-to-one storytelling, you will learn the concepts of storytelling, elements and proven application of storytelling techniques that strikes instantly, fetching you the best scores and the dream job.
Ultimately, it’s your story you must learn to tell, to sell.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Robert McKee



Amit Roy

Creative Brain behind many advertising campaigns, mega events and business stories, this maverick has learned everything the hard way.20 years of experience, lot of tales to tell, he creates moments and magic every day. He is a master storyteller with a great fan following amongst the corporates.

Anjali Aggarwal

“Creativity can be imbibed at a very young age”- Anjali Aggarwal
A speaker by passion, an author by calling and storyteller by choice, this is how this storyteller describes herself.


This multifaceted woman feels that, children are our best bet and we should change their mindset to create a vibrant, positive, tomorrow, full of possibilities. The best tool for this is storytelling, she believes.

She has been invited to tell stories in schools of repute and at literature fests. The lead author of an International Bestseller, she made sure that all the proceeds go towards child welfare charities. Currently, she is working on two children’s books.


Storytelling Courses

Storytelling Courses for Kids: 11-13 years

Level 1 course focuses on honing basic skills of imagination, critical thinking, and communication in children, enabling them to give wings to their dreams.

Level 2 course is an experiential workshop to help children apply the learnt skills in story creation, narration and confident presentation.

Storytelling Courses for College goers

Level 1 course will empower the college students give shape to their ideas through effective storytelling, be it in an interview or a business pitch presentation.

Level 2 course will teach them the most important tools to win and shine in every aspect of their career journey. They will be trained to create impact and influence.


Do you tell stories in this course?
This course explains how to understand any story. It also teaches how to create and tell a story.
What is the importance of storytelling?
Storytelling helps children gear up to face challenges in life and teaches confidence, creativity and critical thinking.
Where all can storytelling be applied?
It can be applied to imagine better, solve better, communicate better.
How is it different from a communication course?
Communication is a small part of storytelling. Storytelling covers a vast range of topics.
What is the duration of this course?
This course is spread over 2 days.
How many hours is it per day?
It is going to be 2.5 hours per day.
Are both levels important?
Yes. In order to learn all about storytelling and become a confident storyteller both courses have a role to play. The first course teaches the art of creating and telling a story. The second course focuses on writing and the art of story narration.
What am I required to bring to the online class?
You are required to bring a pen, a notebook and an open mind.
Do you offer refund if I am unable to attend?
We do not offer refund However in a genuine case you can get the amount adjusted against a future course you attend, subject to change in fees and you paying the difference.
Do you have a group that I can join?
Yes, we welcome you to join the following group on facebook: theuniversityofstories group


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